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I like big strong men as well as intelligent and clever person. I prefer toys and strong vibes, I have a large assortment.

Last week we talked about the stunning and feline girlfriend of Gregory Van Del Wiel, Stephanie Rose Bertram, after her dazzling appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special 2016, and the fact is that we did not intend to return to the publication until the number of the next year. But leafing through her pages we have seen in the rookies section, the models that make debut in the special, a very special lady and with considerable differences with respect to her companions of magazine: Ashley Graham is a woman in the whole extension of the word, with A physical constitution that increases the size range of the publication. And we were delighted, of course. At the end of last summer we were contemplating part of the work of a potential amateur porn star: his name was Ashley Graham and under her was undoubtedly one of the five best asses that have gone through the long life of Internet, Less so far as non-professionals are concerned. That day we had the right material to convince you of her exhibitionistic power and her first steps in the field of filmed sex, but today we have found in Xvideos with five more arguments in favor of her physical power that, no matter how , they should be here.