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Hi there, some people call me shameless little bitch, some – his private goddess. You know, I can be both of these girls for you.

Postpartum depression remains a taboo subject. To break with this stigma, some stars have decided to tell their experience. The last one to dare to speak about this disease has been actress and model Chrissy Teigen. She did it by writing an article for the April issue of Glamor magazine. Undeterred, Teigen, 31, has decided to be honest about her battle against depression and anxiety after the birth of her 11-month-old daughter Luna Simone. It is not the first time that the wife of the musician John Legend puts on the table this disease. On November 18 last year he told the television show Today that she experienced mood swings and loss of energy. Now, however, Teigen goes even further. "Getting out of bed to get to the set on time was really expensive. My lower back hurt, my shoulders hurt, even my wrists hurt. She had no appetite, could spend up to two days without a bite. And that for me food is the most important thing, she wrote.  It also reveals that he experienced changes in her mood. "I felt a lot sharper. For example, if I was in my dressing room adjusting and suddenly someone asked me if I knew the lyrics of a song I could lose control.